Monday, January 10, 2011


Hi friends.
Welcome to my new blog-- "Shadows of a Song"
ok. same blog, but NEW title (thank you mr. jacobsen)
and new fancy look.
and even my very own BUTTON
to share. wouldn't that look great on your
blog wall? yep, it would.
It feels refreshing to have
a new space in write in.

I didn't want to have my blog called
and 'shadows of a song' is the title
of a song off my new record.
It is actually one of my personal favorites
on the record. Paul Jacobsen had his
hand in several drafts which is probably why
it made my favorites list.

The idea was using a song as the metaphor for love.
The first verse--
"once my love was a band, and you were the kickdrum
jumpstart my heart and we start to run
didn't care we were so young
we tried so hard
to play all the right parts
with our hands full of false starts
till the downbeat dragged us apart"

Each verse is a different relationship
and the singer is chasing
the idea of a perfect song or perfect love
and can only get glimpses of it with each relationship.

the chorus sings
"I hear it, then it's gone
melodies haunt me
shakes it's chains and leads me
on an endless marathon
I lose my breath, chasing
shadows of a song"

I think part of, if not the main purpose we
are on this earth is to learn to love.
We get chances everyday to do this
with our families
and maybe the hardest relationship
to learn to love
is with ourselves.

Let's celebrate my new blog together.
My gift to you for dropping by...

plus, if you download this will get your
heart broken by the harmonies provided by
Dustin Christensen.

Have a lovely week friends.
I am off to the Northwest, come
and join me at a show, or send your friends out.
Shows are selling out fast, so get your tickets soon!



  1. Sarah, the new look is gorgeous, and definitely NOT boring!
    That track, Shadows of a song, is so beautiful. I love the line, "once my love was a band, and you were the kickdrum." that line is rad!

    See you next week!

  2. I totally love it! Don't you worry that I placed your little darling oh so cute button on my oh so not popular blog!!! :) But it will make me smile each time I see it!!! I love you!

  3. sweet new look so fresh and happy :)I loved your button and put it right away on my blog so I can enjoy it always.Your song is so lovely.

  4. Came to check it out from Passionista! I'm so excited for your show here in Tri Cities next week! And turquoise chevrons?! Be still my beating heart!

  5. ooh, love it! What great way to kick off 2011! Looking forward to seeing you in March. :-)