Thursday, August 26, 2010

the long climb

(path to my campsite, pretty dreamy eh?)

I left 3 days ago to go backpacking with my husband up into the White Cloud Mountain Range (close to the Sawtooths). The hike in was steep most of the way, but like most climbs the view was amazing. when you reach the pass and can look back
and see where you
have slowly struggled up and then you can look onto the next valley and see where you are going. it all seems so clear and so worth it. a perspective that seems rare in my life. being in a quiet beautiful place gave me a few days to let my heart soak in thoughts of what my path has been in life and frankly i don't know what vistas lay ahead, but i have a feeling they are expansive and beautiful and worth years of climbing. here is a little gift for the day.

jed wells,
the talented man filming this musical journey sent me this video a few days ago. I want to share it with you all. during the week of recording someday, someday we stopped by diego's and after filling our bellies we sat in the parking lot and sang this song together. a huge bucket of thanks to CJane for sharing our music with your readers...we love you esp in heels. xo

ps. here is the new website. well, a place holder website. and if you live in utah, i recommend buying your cd release concert tickets early as i think they will sell out. you can do so on the new website :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Someday Someday Album Cover & FREE download

da da da da!!!

drum roll. yeah, that's good, keep going. hit a cymbal. perfect.

Here it is:The official Sarah Sample "Someday, Someday" album.
Thank you Ryan for putting this together.

And a little gift to you for coming over...
A FREE DOWNLOAD. yes FREE. of the song "Every Time I Go"
I hope you enjoy it. Leave a comment if you do.
Click Here to get your FREE song!

also, if hearing this leans your heart into buying the album...
Click Here and preorder!

Official CD release concert- mark your calendar.
Thursday October 14th
Pioneer Hall (old rock hall)
1137 W 7800 S West Jordan, UT 84088
Full Band