Sunday, June 26, 2011

summer festivals!

This may have been one of the craziest weeks of my life.
The last seven days have included:
(june decorating the uhaul)

-MOVING to Salt Lake City, and all the
packing-cleaning-heavy lifting-and sticker
removal that goes with it. We will be here for
three years for my husband's job.

-DRIVING from:
Boise ---->SLC (unpack truck)
SLC--->Boise (Play Alive After 5)
Boise--->SLC (back to house o boxes)
SLC--->Cedar City (rocking Groovefest)
Cedar City---> SLC (back to house o boxes)

The best part of the week was making music.
I got to play the Alive After 5 summer concert series in
Boise with The Brothers Comotose. Thank you GO*LISTEN*BOISE

(photo by Jess Haskell Norton)
Next was the Utah Arts Fest with the full band. I have wanted to play
the Arts Fest for years and it was so lovely. We had a full crowd,
and playing music with Dylan, Ryan, & Pat always
boosts my happiness level to new heights. Thank you
Arts Fest for having us, and thanks to
Dan Nailen at City Weekly for the including us in your write up!

I saw my friend Paul Jacobsen open for Sheryl Crow
at Red Butte Gardens. He killed and the scenery up there is stunning.

(photo by James McDonald)
And I got to finish my weekend off by playing Groovefest down in Cedar City.
What a cool festival, the feeling there is really welcoming and relaxed. Big Thanks to Tim and Lisa for having me. I loved it!

FREE IN PROVO! An incredible band has been pieced together to faithfully re-create the Beatles "Abbey Road" album. I will be starting the night off.

My inspiration tip this week: Listen to Tift Merritt interview Josh Ritter on The Spark.


Monday, June 6, 2011

30 Years. Let's Play a Game!

(baby sarah with grandma. nice hair grandma.)

Today I turn 30 years old.

In celebration I feel like playing a game.
The game is: 5 truths and 1 lie about my life so far.
( I may or may not love games and gambling.)

Ready? Ok, you guess the lie.

1. I have escaped a forest fire.

2. I once broke two bones in one day. Separately.

3. I hate eggs.

4. I've attended 4 rainbow gatherings. You may or
may not want to know more depending on how
comfortable you feel with nudity, camping, and trade circles.

5. I was the fastest girl in my grade school class.
Even won the 'annual turkey trot.'

6. Had a guinea pig once that ran away.
Came back a month later missing an eye.

Your guess is......

Anyone who leaves the right guess in the comments
gets a free download of any of my albums seen here.