Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Birthday June!

Three years ago today I endured a long hard labor
ending in a c-section to birth my beautiful daughter
I had crossed the divide from one life to the next.
I no longer was responsible just for myself. I had
created life and my life would never look the same.

I remember feeling fearful about changes that would come with
bringing a baby into the world. And what is interesting
is that most of those fears never saw the surface. And those
things I feared that did show up, paled in comparison
to the bounteous love that was overflowing for the little
peapod named June.

I remember one night on my birthday, June was just
a month and a half old. I had felt left behind all day,
the celebratory dinner was a bust, I was an emotional wreck
from sleeping 2.3 hours a night since she was born. I felt
like all the people and places that I normally found comfort
in were a wash. Instead, I remember turning to June in my arms
for comfort. In fact, she was the only one who could
give it that night. Maybe it was because the love
I had for her was so pure and untainted that
she echoed that in every breath and glance? Or
perhaps her sweet small spirit radiated something
way beyond her 10 pound frame could contain?
Regardless, in my sorrow I found love---a pure love from my child.
It was a great lesson to me. June has continually taught me
truths in the last 3 years. She is my lucky star.
I have often found myself spontaneously laughing
or smiling while watching June live her life.
I will be forever grateful that this sweet girl
calls me "mom."

Happy Birthday June. May all your princess and fairy wishes come true!

ps. I remember my friend Dom a few years ago asked if June had entered the "princess" phase. I replied no, and remember thinking, "I don't think she will go through that"- WRONG.

pss. Me- June, what do you want for your birthday?
life. is. good.


Saturday, April 16, 2011


How is it possible I haven't posted in a MONTH!?

So I've been thinking of late about the concept of "audience" and "fans."
I remember once as a kid watching a Michael Jackson concert on TV.
The screen revealed women crying and basically going into seizures at the
chance to touch his gloved hand.
I've watched the dedication of jamband followers, who literally
drive from concert to concert making each new venue a home.

I've been in crowds of Josh Ritter fans or Swells Season fans who
sing every word and are an integral part of the show.
I've watched a town pick a band to stand behind and every
show becomes the hip scene that you would be drastically
insane to miss.

So my question today....How does that happen?
What separates, in your opinion, music that you find enjoyable
from music that you would tell your friends about, or make sure
you waited in line to see the show?
Is it the songs? Is there something about the live show? Is it because
someone you trust told you, you must check out their tunes? Do your
favorite performers give back to their audiences?

Being around music as much as I am, I still feel at a loss sometimes
of pinpointing what is working and what is not. I know of many talented
musicians who I believe are deserving of a larger fan base, but how does
that connection happen?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Who are your
favorite bands? What about them makes you want to be


PS. HAPPY RECORD STORE DAY! Especially to my own Boise Record Exchange and SLC Slowtrain Records. I was in SLC this weekend for shows and I saw some mighty fine bands play this afternoon. Worthy in my mind of your listening ears :)