Tuesday, October 19, 2010

CD Released.

Had a lovely weekend of the first CD Release Shows
of the tour.
Here are a few photos taken to
warm your heart with memories...

Saturday night I was lucky enough to play a house concert
for my friends Courtney and Christopher Kendrick.
They invited a few close friends and I was reminded
how wonderful it feels to play to a room of people
who love each other. The band was great and I
felt like the music took everyone to a better place.
You can read more about the night on Courtney's blog:

courtney singing backup on "holiday" she was awesome
photo by Christopher Kendrick

ryan, myself, paul, and scott
photo by Christopher Kendrick

The First CD Release Night of the Tour was held at Pioneer Hall in Salt Lake.
The show sold out which always feels great. The band was just incredible.
One reason I love this album is because I love the talented people
who helped me make it. Almost all of them surrounded me on this special evening, and they were just amazing. 9 friends and players. It will remain in my mind as a favorite show.
I realized after the concert that I felt completely safe with this group.
I trusted them to treat the songs with care, and they did.
Thank you Ryan, Brian, Tilby, Pat, Scott, Paul, Dustin, and Dylan!
The crowd was fantastic, thank you everyone who came.
Thank you Jed Wells for the photos below!

Ryan Tanner opening up the evening..

Paul Jacobsen opening up the evening...

The band..

I decided it was time to pull out the lime green hat for this event.
James and I went to a specialty hat store while visiting
Edinburgh this summer, and I brought this little
number home...

My amazing band:
Brian, Pat, Paul, Me, Ryan, Dustin, Dylan, Scott, and Ryan.

Thursday I leave on tour. I will be bringing this group of new songs to Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado, Illinois, California, Oregon, and Washington the next few months. I will head out East next spring. If you would like to host a house concert and you live on the Eastern US, send me an email sarah@sarahsample.com.

Also, I would love you to purchase this new album if you haven't already.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I grew up in Santa Barbara CA
It was a lovely place to spend
a childhood.
I had great teachers, including
wonderful music teachers who always
encouraged me.
I wrote my first 'real' song in
5th grade. It involved a chorus and
a handful of verses and included the
deep and touching lyrics "we sit out
on the front porch and sing the day away"
a hit right? Well, my guitar/voice teacher
wanted to put this song on her upcoming
album, and I remember feeling "man,
this is it , I am about to become hugely
So although I was almost a hit writer in
5th grade, I feel like I am hopefully getting
closer to the mark with this new album "Someday, Someday."
Actually, there is a delusional aspect to being
a musician. Where are the landmarks to judge a career?
I am embarrassed to admit that there have been
several moments in my life of making music
where I think I am about to be whisked off to
tour buses, making mucho money, signing autographs
till my hand is tired etc.
The further I have gone in my career, the more
I realize that I am the one responsible for
my success. There is not time to wait for
someone else to determine if I can or should
make music.
Although I am not waiting for people to make
a career for me, I fully acknowledge that I
need help, community, encouragement, and
the belief that good things are coming. I take
an immense amount of comfort knowing there are
many musicians traveling the same road that I am,
and that I can call some of them my dearest friends.

On the eve of an album release, I have been
feeling waves of anxiety and fear. There is
a restlessness, itch in my gut like I am waiting to
hear the gun go off, so I can start running.
I have to remind myself that this isn't a race.
And honestly I don't want to know if there is a finish
Yet, I know that releasing a new album of songs
into the world won't happen every day, or even
every year. It is a big event in my life
because I have created something of worth that
I am sharing with anyone who wants to listen.

So it comes down to trust. Trusting myself. Trusting
that I have been thoughtful in my preparation of the
songs, in the production, in the artwork, in the hired
hands to help me reach out. Trusting God. Trusting my
fans that they still want to hear more
from me. Trusting that good music does rise through
the sea of mediocre. When it comes down to it, I know
that songs have changed my life. I know that I
trust this group of songs.
I have treated the inspiration they
came to me with care. I know there is an endless
wave of new music coming at you. I guess I am asking
like everyone to be heard.
To be witnessed, starting Tomorrow.

To order the new album on tuesday, click here.
To see if I am touring through your city, click here.