Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Warning: I am about to talk about babies and show photos of my nursery. This post contains nothing about music or a rockstar lifestyle. If you dare, read on...

Hey Friends,

I find myself at the end of this pregnancy ready and waiting to have this baby.
It is the last few weeks and I know she could come anytime, therefore I have
done the smart thing which is to anticipate her arrival with great intensity,
only to experience a severe let down every day that passes that she does not decide
to make her grand entrance.
I have been googling "signs of labor" terms that all have horrible names that I won't go into here in case there are sensitive readers reading (ie. women who might be interested in birthing a child someday and these references might scare you away)....

Let me just say that on the 'list of possible symptoms of pregnancy' NONE are flattering
and some just painful. BUT on the bright side, I love small cute clothes and I
am stocking up for this little one. I also have loved putting together her nursery.
I decided to sew all the crib bedding this time around which allowed me to pick the
fabric I loved and kept me busy from dwelling too much on all the 'pregnancy symptoms'
I was acquiring rapidly. I know this post is mostly for my mom...but enjoy.

Also, let's play one last game: GUESS WHEN THIS BABY WILL BE BORN!
Leave your guess in the comments and I will send the
winner all of my albums.

The Nursery: sarah sample style
note: I still am acquiring the artwork, so forgive the bare walls

Thanks for reading. Hope you are enjoying sleeping without a snoogle....