Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I've been writing a lot lately.
It doesn't mean I write a song a day.
But I've been trying to finish two songs a week.
The main practice that I've learned about the art of songwriting is
that you just have to show up. As often as possible you sit down and say aloud that you are ready. Sometimes nothing happens and you are convinced that you are horrible and your life is doomed to be mediocre.

Other days, the wells are springing up and a song is given almost finished. I generally always write with an instrument in hand.

This helps me find melodies that I enjoy playing and singing. Rarely a song comes that is complete. Most often I have to write what I want to say and then find a way to say it in a new way.

In the last month I've found
that I love listening to music while I
am writing. Hearing the craft of songwriting done well
while I am writing helps me to be better. Or sometimes when I
am writing I will remember a melody or lyric that I LOVE and I will find that song and listen to it. I've also been reading Bird by Bird by Ann Lamott. She is brilliant and funny and I find myself learning again to be graceful and forgiving in the writing process.

What have I been listening to this week?

*A lot of Tift Merritt this week. I love some of her melodies
and lyrics in her new album "See you on the moon."
*I always listen to patty griffin. She has been my favorite for a long time.
*inspired by an old Libby Kirkpatrick song
*Darrell Scott- he really is so good at every element of songwriting and musicality
*Brandi Carlile- I think she has a good hold on big choruses that are singable
*Josh Ritter- his writing is just genius.
* listened to wind one day, it took the song in another direction
*been inspired by the joy my daughter brings into my life

I've been recording words and melodies that come to me throughout the year. It has been interesting to watch them come to the surface again for these new songs.

how are you inspired? when do you write best? who are your favorite writers?

Lastly I will leave you with a speech given by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of "eat, pray, love" on nurturing creativity. I love hearing about how other writers view this process. She had me laughing and relating to so many things. WATCH!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A gift for you....

hey everyone.
dropped off the wire for a moment
in order to pack my house. clean my house.
lose my voice. sing two concerts. get my voice back
and move to Boise Idaho. I really like it here.
of course I miss my sweet Seattle, but I came to Boise
without any expectation. I find myself loving my neighborhood
which feels very Seattle-esque. I love feeling the sun everyday.
And got to see Jakob Dylan at a cool venue called The Knitting Factory a few days ago.
all and all...not bad.

It is getting close to Recording time with the oh-so-talented Scott Wiley. Scott has been the producer for my last two albums. I trust him. I love the music he has worked on (Bonnie Raitt, Ray LaMontagne, Paul Jacbosen, Atherton...). I already feel really good about this record, and I think it will turn out well.

Here is a little preview gift for you. Thanks for stopping by.

This is a new song called "Elisha"