Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New Record!

Hello Friends!

I am thrilled to announce that I am going to start recording a new record very soon. My dear friend Edie Carey and I are going to make a duet album of lullabies. Some will be originals, some traditional, some unexpected tunes. Overall, we want to create an album that is soothing to everyone, not just the kiddies. Edie Carey has been one of my favorite songwriters this last decade. She has toured the country extensively and has been a huge impact for good in the independent world of songwriters.
We launched our Kickstarter Campaign yesterday and feel overjoyed at the response and support we have felt so far. We invite you to check out our video, and pre-order the record if you feel inclined. There are some cool incentives we are offering if you want to give and receive more: like quilts made with love, a visit to the studio while we are recording, onsies, super soft tees, or a custom lullaby for you or your child.

Also, by joining us on this journey you will receive the album before anyone else and by privy to updates along the way. I may or may not have done a ridiculous lip sync video last night for the backers...

Thanks friends for sticking by my side all these years. I know this record is a slight departure from my normal recordings, but it feels good to stretch my creative muscle in new ways. I promise we will show up to record these songs with heart. We start recording with the talented producer Scott Wiley at June Audio studios in January. I think you will love it!

sarah & edie