Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Photo Shoot for New Album!

The album cover is a tricky topic. It can really make or break an album for me.
Here are a few examples of how this process can go horribly wrong:

In order to not be Sarah Goodbody and expose you to cajun music, I called on the oh-so-talented photographer/designer Ryan Tanner to take my photos for this album. You can check out his other work here.

I can't spoil the surprise of my Album Cover just yet...but here are a few pictures from our photo shoot. (We all know this post is for my mom but I hope you enjoy it too )


Sunday, July 18, 2010

what i'm doing tonight

this is my view tonight
as I listen through the new songs.

I'm listening closely tonight.
not just for missed notes before
we mix the album...

I am listening closely to my heart.
it is beating along with every song
whispering that 'we did it.'
this is going to be such a great album.
I know that it goes over better if someone
else raves on the album.

but tonight my heart will tell you that
we did good.
really, it is so beautiful. I can't wait
to share it with you.
there is something that happens inside
you when you are fulfilling a dream.
seems your chest and mind open up
and everything in the world feels


Wednesday, July 14, 2010


ryan tilby, me, paul jacbosen, brian hardy, ryan tanner

tilby, paul, ryan, mai

the incredible pat campbell
it wasn't all work. fun allowed too.

scott (nightrunner) wiley

appearing tonight: sarah sample & the girl muscles

it is currently 12:34 am. scratch that. now i'm back and the time is 1:05 am.
scratch that. it is now 1:42pm on the next day. ha.
everytime I sat to write this post, something came up.

we have been recording my new album this week.
i am pretty amazed how these songs are turning out.
i've been loving that we get to dress up every song.
i think we have really treated each song with care,
trying to hear what the feeling of the song needs to be
in order
to translate the best way.

we have been working all day into the night.
I am floored at the level of talent everyone
brought to the sessions.
this album sounds pretty different
than my other albums.
AND I AM IN LOVE with it!

I definitely think that the songwriting is stronger than
ever. I really have tried to follow where the inspiration takes
me when I sit down to write, and not let the editor in my mind
jump into the process until later. I know that it is when
I stop worrying about how to write a 'good' song, and I
I just follow my own voice that the writing becomes something
of substance and truth.

I have
loved being surround and supported by such
good friends.

I can't wait for you to hear these songs!!!!

We are making a video about the process of recording
this album and what my life as a songwriter looks like...
Jed Wells even filmed a little song we played live out in a park...
that will be coming soon.

As for now...It is not too late to pre-order this album and get it weeks before
everyone else. it will also help me immensely to off set the cost of recording/duplication
up front. Click here to find out more.

here is a little taste of a song we recorded this week in the studio. We (as in 10-11 of us)
played every song together,
live. there is something that makes my heart smile when I think about creating something that is really honest and true, that what you hear was really all happening in
that moment. I know there are a million ways to make a great record, but I have
loved feeling out this approach.
sorry, the lighting is not the best in this little clip, but you will get to at least have a little
taste of one of the songs :))
this is a song called "don't bury me" and the idea just came to me out of the blue. I thought about my grandpa who was a farmer, and he was literally tied to the land. there was no such thing as summer or christmas break, or paid government holidays. and I saw the character of the song as someone who had been born into a farming family and had inherited his land, but his grandfathers were all fishermen and his heart more than anything wanted to be on the sea. so it is a song about the internal struggle of a dream, that someone can feel they are destined for something and the realization that it doesn't always work out the way we want.
the chorus sings
"when they lay me down in a box
please, sail me out to sea
i've spent all my time being tied to this land
please dont, bury me. "
he reconciles his dream as maybe something that won't happen in his life...


Monday, July 12, 2010

The Day


i start recording my fourth album.

I am excited, full of joy to play these songs

with dear friends and see them come to life.

I am hoping that what my heart is feeling

will translate over chords and microphones

so that when you hear these songs you will

feel something.

Then last night I saw that Brandi Carlile was

playing at Red Butte Gardens. I had to go.

She is such a great performer. AMAZING voice.

Great band- i mean, the twins!

And one thing that makes her stand out even more

is that she is a joyful performer and she is so complimentary

to her audience. She makes you feel good and important.

A lovely inspiration to start my week.

wish me luck.



Saturday, July 10, 2010


when I went into the studio for my second album
Scott was smart enough to hire a studio musician
who not only played really well
but one who could write up charts for my
song incredibly fast.

Budget cuts.

And now I've spent the last two nights after
junebug has gone to sleep 'charting' my new songs
so that when we all go into the studio on monday
the musicians can actually follow along to
what I am playing. For most songs I make two charts;
one for the people playing guitars with capos (which
changes the key) and one that has the real chords
of the key we are in for everyone else.

I am not very good at this. I understand of course
how to do this. But when you use altered tunings
or multiple capos, it really fogs up my mind.
So, I have already told the musicians entering
the studio, you may need to fix things here and there.
luckily...the people joining me are world class musicians
in my heart and mind, and I'm sure for them
the music math will be no problem.

Here is my all star lineup playing with me MONDAY! One reason that I LOVE playing with these folks is that most of them are songwriters themselves, or in a band of their own. I've linked their names to their own music. Check them out...you won't be disappointed.

Producer/Musician: Scott Wiley
Ryan Tanner
Paul Jacobsen
Mai Bloomfield
Dylan Schorer
Brian Hardy
Ryan Tilby
Dustin Christensen
Pat Campbell

Recording Countdown: 2 days!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Songwriting with a toddler

often I have people ask me WHEN to I find the time to
write songs.
usually I use June's nap time to write. sometimes
after her bedtime. ("sweet hour of naps, sweet
hour of naps")
but sometimes there is an overlap where I am trying
to finish something and she is roaming around.
this audio clip will illustrate.
so funny.


Recording Countdown: 5 days

Want to help? click here.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Lower Lights

This weekend Juniper and I jumped in our car
and drove our first test trip to SLC for a
weekend of music.
The girl did amazingly well for a 5 hour trip
strapped in.
The purpose of the weekend was to play a
a house concert with a group I am part of
called "The Lower Lights" for a special family, The Clarks.
Last October a group of musicians got together
to record a hymns record. What took place was
pretty amazing. 5 Days. Over 30 hymns recorded.
Everything from old traditional hymns to hank
williams hymns.
The show this weekend was to try out our songs
for a really special family. I am so used to either
performing solo or as the leader of the band
that it felt really wonderful to be part of
a collective of musicians. And because most
of the musicians involved in the project are
perusing music careers of their own, I think
that the performing part felt almost effortless
and so much fun to have that much energy
on the stage.

The album is not released yet, but you can watch
a short video which I think will give you a feeling
for the group. Please go to www.thelowerlights.com
and enter your email address if you want to know more
about the release of the album, have us come perform,
get free downloads etc. And if you like what you hear,
spread the word.

The Lower Lights // A Hymn Revival from The Lower Lights on Vimeo.

Also, I did my album cover photo shoot this weekend with my talented friend Ryan Tanner. He wears many hats; my bandmate (keyboards/vocals), my graphic designer (designed Never Close Enough and Born to Fly albums), and he is a wonderful film photographer. Go to his website to check out his talent. http://myonetruevine.tumblr.com/
I may give you a sneak peak of what we came up with soon.

Recording countdown: 1 week.