Thursday, March 10, 2011

12 years old

can we all agree this picture is pure awesomeness?

I just found it and laughed out loud.
a few things to notice...

a. my sweet yamaha guitar passed down from
my mom's high school drama years

b. my sweet tie dye. if you didn't know me in
grade school--I will fill you in. There were many
tie dyes, batiks, fimo bead necklaces, leather
peace sign necklaces, troll earrings,
and the occasional taco bell fanny pack.

c. don't worry, the phone is the size of my head.
dear have come a long way.

d. the sweet previa van. this is also the van in which
i once ran over my brother. it's cool. don't worry, he is fine.

e. I love this photo, because starting very early in my life
I had a love for music and a desire to learn
how to write songs. I think I could learn a few things
from the 12 year old version of myself
about having the right intention and heart about life.