Friday, December 31, 2010


The ability that every human has to CREATE astounds me.
The fact that with our words, or melodies, with our hands,
or instruments, or imaginations
we can create something that did not exist before.
That just blows my mind.

I love a project. I love to make something beautiful.
I love the idea of learning a new skill.
If you ever were fooled into believing that I was
somewhat hip--this lie would be dispersed immediately
by learning that one of my favorite gifts this Christmas was
Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts.

I have already spent time pouring over new ideas and made
the mental checklists of what I am going to create next.
Guilding looked cool. I want to make candles. I want to buy yards
of pretty velvet and silk ribbon.I want to learn the art of Calligraphy
just so I could write you a letter, and when you opened it,
you would feel treasured just from the script covering the page.
I feel a real thrill about the newness surrounding a new year.
2011 will be lovely I think.

My grandma has inspired my latest ambition.
She is near the end of her life. She is completely
bed-ridden at this point and although she is unfailingly
positive and sweet, I hate to see her day in and out..unable to walk
or move, unable to sew her baby quilts or play Reader's
Digest Christmas Hymns.
She said she learned to play the piano as child.
Her mother would allow her to skip washing
dishes at night if she practiced. And so she did.
I am pretty sure she played the piano at her stone church
every sunday for 20 years.
There is an ache threatening to spread at the
thought of her leaving this life.

Because of her. Sweet Carol Price. I have decided to take
Piano Lessons this year.
My goal being that someday I will be able to sit
at a piano with my family circled round
and they will be able to pick any Christmas
song of their liking, and we will be able to sing
together and think of grandma.
How long do you think it will take me to
learn to sight-read? 2 years? 20 years?

My first lesson is in an hour. Wish me luck!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

have yourself a merry little christmas...

happy christmas.
today james was on call so we
woke up way too early to open presents
with the little bug before he had to go into work.
she loved her art easel, but more
she loved that Santa had eaten
the cookies she left out for him.
there is something very magical
about watching a child, especially
on christmas morning.

tonight we drove to the hospital to
bring James dinner. as we traveled home we
drove down Harrison Ave. which is a lovely
street with old historical homes
that all sport the most beautiful
christmas lights.
I nearly cried as I drove past
window after window of
people gathering around a table
or tree...sharing laughter, stories,
and good food.
I know that not everyone has a loving family
that enjoys board games and cider...
but my wish for all that I know
is that they spent this evening with
someone they love...
someone who loves them.

my sister flew in from Seattle
this afternoon. I love her
and I am fairly certain she loves me too.
and my little one today said over and over
"Merry Christmas! I love you mommy"
I loved it. even the 20th time.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

time to be still

I've been thinking about the concept of slowing down and being still lately.
After a few months on the road singing songs off the new album,
I am home for a WHOLE MONTH! I know that doesn't sound like
much, but it feels like a huge amount of time to me.

While I was touring through California a few weeks ago
I played a show in the town I grew up in---Santa Barbara.
When you are driving from LA, right after you pass Ventura,
the 101 starts to follow the curve of shoreline
till you glide through Carpenteria, Montecito, then into Santa Barbara.
Every time I think--"I can't believe I grew up here."

I made an effort to go to Butterfly Beach 3 different times.

Each time I collected sea glass and pieces of pottery that the
ocean had rolled over and over till it they were sanded and smooth and wonderful.
I walked for hours and I have no idea what I thought about,
all I know is that I felt happy and everything around me seemed very simple.
Sky and sand and a setting sun and me.

I had a funny moment in CA where I realized that I was spending
a stupid amount of time trying to come up with a good 'tweet' or
update to my facebook. It is really lame. No one really needs to know
what kind of sandwich I am eating for lunch. Unless it is unforgettable.

So now that I am home I am trying to detach a little from that frantic energy
of feeling like I need to do and be a million things all in one moment.
I am trying to be a really present mother and make this holiday season as
memorable and meaningful as I can. It takes a conscious effort to not be
'plugged in' at every moment, but I am really loving reconnecting to simple things
like the sound of my daughter laughing and smell of cookies baking
and lights twinkling on my christmas tree.

I wish you a very happy holiday season.


ps: what are ways that you make the most of the holiday season? any great traditions my family should adopt?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Oh-So-Grateful List

There really is something special
during this part of the year.
I love the track of the calendar from
Thanksgiving through Christmas. It is
a good time to take inventory on my life--
to see what I can do better, and ask myself
-Am I Happy?-
-Am I living authentically?-
-And what am I grateful for?-

My friend
Dainon created h
is list last week
and I felt inspir
ed to do the same. Thanks Dainon.

Here we go. Sarah Sample's List of Grea
t Things to be Grateful for in the last year in no particular order:

1. I created a new album "Someday, Someday"

1a. Jed Wells' video documenting that journey. watch here.

2. James graduated medical school at UW
3. Playing the Cayamo Cruise with a few of my heros. Mai singing and playing Cello with me. Such an amazing week. Thanks CIYH.
4. Getting to Sing 'Mercy Me' with Darrell Scott singing and playing along. wow.
5. Meeting Marketa Irglova
, and hearing her say my name out loud during The Swell Season set at Folks Fest. I was crying my eyes out. don't worry.
6. Broiled Grapefruit and apple cobbler in Imperi
al, NE
7. a thanksgiving feast in Texas

8. making time to write everyda
y for a new album
9. fake uggs from costco

10. In & Out arrives in Utah
11. Edie Carey and Mai Bloomfield singing with me in Chicago
12. song school and all the wonderful people who come year after year
13. buying my gibson hummingbird
14. recording my 3rd album with Scott Wiley
15. looking around the room while recording live "staying behind" and seeing the faces of all my friends helping me creating something wonderful. paul, ryan, mai, scott, brian, dylan, pat, tilby, dustin,& george...I thank you all.
16. the BEST indian food I will ever taste in Vancouver. Thank you Vij's. And thank you James for a delightful birthday overnight.
17. backpacking in the white clouds
18. singing with the lower lights
19. seeing john prine and guy clark
20. spending another year in beautiful seattle
21. my beautiful women friends
22. staying with katie herzig in nashville
23. such wonderful house concerts this year--thank you all who have hosted--above- one of my favorites with Cjane.
24. singing songs with my grandma. she still sings the
25. eating a wonderful homemade meal in brooklyn with my friends Max & Day 26. spending a few days with Marketa in NY...writing, singing, and drinking cup after cup of tea.
27. touring WY/NE with Ryan and Paul. I've never laughed so much on stage. 28. Junie the elephant. Come on---that is amazing!

29. our new h
ouse in Boise
29a. My sweet older neighbors Ruth and Speed who pass out full size candybars for halloween.

30. fresh basil from my garden

31. touring through Scotland and the Lake District with my dad and james.
32. The most incredible cheese and apple sandwich in Boot, England
33. Melrose Abby
34. playing freight and salvage with Melissa Ferrick
35. finding a free velvet green chair, meant for my living room

36. singing with my friend Beth Wood

37. eating at my favorite restaurants with my sister in Seattle--Pair, Franks, Volterra, and Via Tribunali
38. every time I get to spend a night sleeping in my own bed next to my husband
39. singing back up on Edie Carey's new amazing album.
40. my 10-min a day writing group
41. my wildflower stage set at Folks Fest this year

42. watching my friend Paul Jacobsen sing his heart out on the Folks Fest Stage

43. taking a quilting class

44. nauvoo

45. meeting new people everywhere I go--Iowa, Chicago, Washington, California, Nebraska, New York, Boston, Idaho, Colorado, Texas, Oregon, Utah, Nashville, Montana, on and on.

46. my mom...she is the greatest
47. my daughter still sleeping a 12 hour night

48. June turned two! And says funny phrases like "Here I Are"

49. Driving into seve
ral sunsets on tour.
50. talking on the phone several times a week to a friend I've had since I was 10.
51. the listening rooms of Nebraska. and mccook's apple fritters
52. the world of americana in nashville

53. hot baths

54. ryan tanner's amazing ability with a camera and my album photo shoot
55. answered prayers

56. the office, modern family, watching LOST from beginning to end, project runway and top chef

57. the movie theater, frozen junior mint
s in popcorn
56. wonderful dinners out and in

57. good books on tape

59. eating dinner with my brothers and dad in austin

60. Fran's salted carmels
61. thanksgiving in wyoming and my McDonald family
60. my two favorite people in the world I could go on, but there are d
ishes to do :)
(anna, i made your butternut squash soup, yum yum)


What are some of your gratefuls?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bieroc and Rehmsworld and New York

In 2007 I won a songwriting competition at the Rocky Mountain Folks Fest. That day I also won the attention of my now friend-- Dale Dueland who runs The Bieroc Listening Room along with Matt Sehnert. They invited me to come play their series in McCook Nebraska. At the time I remember wanting to check it out, but as soon as I got home from that festival I found out that was pregnant and stayed pretty close to home those months before and after June was born.
The next summer I got to play the main stage at the folks fest in Lyons, and the whole family came, including pudgy 4 month old Juniper.
Dale found me again and re-invited me to come play his venue. Wow, thank you Dale for your persistence. The Bieroc will always be one of my all time favorite shows to play. The show is held at Matt's bakery, and the whole evening is an event to remember. I played my first show at the Bieroc almost 2 years ago, and I was so thrilled to come back with my fellow birds Paul Jacobsen and Ryan Tanner. Paul opened the show and played 3 killer songs. The audience was just fantastic and their attention made us play and sing better. Dale and Matt have also reached out to their surrounding communities and helped them start their own listening room series. To be able to cross a state and have several amazing listening rooms waiting for you is such a great gift. Thank you Dale, Matt, Tor, and your families for treating us as family.

Last night we played a wonderful listening room called Rehmsworld concerts, hosted by Tim Rehm. I played Rehmsworld on my first tour through Nebraska as well, so I knew we were in for such a great night. The audience was as awesome as I had hoped. One aspect that was especially touching was talking to folks who had been at the first concert and come back for more, several even drove hours to be there. It is so wonderful. We even were blessed to have part of our Song School family come out for the evening and join us on stage for our encore. Thanks Andy, Hope, and Emily!

We played our last show in Alliance Nebraksa tonight...
It is sad to see this tour end. We have been treated so kindly by so many that it is hard to leave. I know that great shows lay ahead, but thank you from the depths of my heart to the kind and gracious communities of Nebraksa who allowed us to sing to you. I hope that you felt there was something for your in our songs.

My last big thank you is to Paul and Ryan. You both are so dear to my heart. Thank you for bringing your songs and sharing them night after night. I think your songs are some of the best and deserved to be heard.

I am off on a red-eye flight to New York tomorrow night. (where can I take a nap?) I just added a show to the calendar where I will be supporting Marketa Irglova of The Swell Season at a small show in Brooklyn.
The information is here if you live in NY and want to come support us!
Tuesday Nov. 16--8pm
Zora Space

love and corn fields...


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Smokin in Imperial

Birds of a Feather Tour---- Day 2.

There is something about the corn fields that stretch on forever that
warms my heart. Passing through small town after small town,
each with it's own grainery feels romantic to me.
Maybe it is my farmer roots reminding me to remember
sleeping 7 people in my Grandparents 2 room blue tin trailer,
or summers spent riding wheel lines at sunset and chasing
cows with the four wheeler...
plain and simple, i love it.

We played a place tonight called "Smokin Leroy's"
I mean, you know it is going to be a great night with
that kind of name right?
It was. The room was full and the crowd was just
so great. They actually thought we were funny, or at
least Ryan and Paul were funny. The boys were
laying it down tonight..
I was laughing half the show.
Also, holy cow, amazing dinner....
carrots with ginger that would melt your heart
and homemade apple cobbler for dessert.
plus we get to stay at a sweet bed and breakfast called
The Imperial Inn--i get the sunflower suite all to myself.

Favorite Songs of the Night:
Paul--You're the Song (note- he played this gem on banjo
tonight and it changed the dynamic in such a great way, plus
he intro'd the song with a story about his kids and then said
"I wrote this for their mom" um. yeah, I did tear up on stage--
holly, you would have loved it!)

Ryan--"I Never Did My Best" I got the chills as soon as ryan started
this song. This song just won 1st place in American Songwriter Magazine's
lyric contest...see for yourself here.
Also, his version of "Highway Patrol man" by Springsteen
hit the air ringing.

Me--"Mercy Me" this felt raw and good tonight. Paul told me after
the show that he saw me really trying to look at each person, like
I was reaching for connection during the songs. This was true,
I did feel like I was reaching out more than usual tonight.

What a great series. Great Town. Great Food and on and on.

Thanks Imperial. Tomorrow night---McCook's Bieroc Cafe (one of my
favorite places to play music ever!) Tune in every day this week for
updates from Nebraska!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

laramie. laramie.

So almost 4 years ago James and I
lived in a little town called Laramie.
I worked as a waitress every night.
He went to his first year of medical school.
We met great people but our hearts almost
stopped beating from cold icy wind
that greeted us most days.
It did not help that the first winter
we lived there I heard many a folk
say something like "man, laramie
hasn't had a winter this awful in
two decades.."

Oh, maybe I haven't told you that
I hear that everywhere I move.
Not kidding, if I come visit your town
watch out. Bad weather is coming.
Happened when I moved to Seattle,
the first winter---record snow levels shut
down the city. Typical Trash.

And then tonight. The first day of our
Birds of a Feather Tour.
Yep, first big snow storm of the year.
Cars sliding around. Ryan and Paul
told me only 20 times their feet were
frozen. Welcome birds...

BUT..the good folks of Laramie
thawed our hearts tonight at the show!
Thank you Kelli for hosting us and everyone
who came...we loved singing for you tonight.

Favorite songs of the night:
-Ryan's "peaceful mind"
-Paul's "two-headed heart"

Tomorrow: Imperial Nebraska

tales of tornadoes and ice storms to be continued.

Monday, November 8, 2010

the sun rose

I have had some amazing moments on this CD Release tour.
From Lincoln to Chicago with the heartland of Iowa to fill the gap...
A week spent in one of my favorite states; Colorful Colorado.
Thank you each and every person who greeted me on the road and
became a home away from home.
And now I am about to embark on a tour with two of my favorite
musicians---paul jacbosen & ryan tanner---to one of my favorite states
to play music in---NEBRASKA (plus one stop in lovely laramie wy)

We went on a tour through Nebraska last year and called it
The Birds of a Feather Tour.
Usually when I tour I cannot afford to bring my band. But
I had the idea last year to create a series of shows where
three songwriters could split the cost, and become
the band for one another on the road.
This of course only works if you love the songs you are singing
everynight. I think the moon and stars of the songs that Paul
and Ryan write, and I love creating a set of music that has the diversity of 3 writers.

We will be posting about our Nebraska adventure day by day...
so check back in with us.

I will leave you with this sunrise.
Due to certain long days of driving between
shows, I have been on the road as the sun
is rising...
Every time I see the sky lighten with blues and yellows
then oranges and reds
without fail, I feel my heart stir with
feelings of openness, and thankfulness, and joy.
While I was in Boulder last week I got to visit with my
friend Theresa. She said "we get to write the script for
our lives. we cannot choose the how, but we can choose
everyday how we feel."
I had a moment of realization that every night
that I get to play music, I feel joyful, and that is
what counts.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

CD Released.

Had a lovely weekend of the first CD Release Shows
of the tour.
Here are a few photos taken to
warm your heart with memories...

Saturday night I was lucky enough to play a house concert
for my friends Courtney and Christopher Kendrick.
They invited a few close friends and I was reminded
how wonderful it feels to play to a room of people
who love each other. The band was great and I
felt like the music took everyone to a better place.
You can read more about the night on Courtney's blog:

courtney singing backup on "holiday" she was awesome
photo by Christopher Kendrick

ryan, myself, paul, and scott
photo by Christopher Kendrick

The First CD Release Night of the Tour was held at Pioneer Hall in Salt Lake.
The show sold out which always feels great. The band was just incredible.
One reason I love this album is because I love the talented people
who helped me make it. Almost all of them surrounded me on this special evening, and they were just amazing. 9 friends and players. It will remain in my mind as a favorite show.
I realized after the concert that I felt completely safe with this group.
I trusted them to treat the songs with care, and they did.
Thank you Ryan, Brian, Tilby, Pat, Scott, Paul, Dustin, and Dylan!
The crowd was fantastic, thank you everyone who came.
Thank you Jed Wells for the photos below!

Ryan Tanner opening up the evening..

Paul Jacobsen opening up the evening...

The band..

I decided it was time to pull out the lime green hat for this event.
James and I went to a specialty hat store while visiting
Edinburgh this summer, and I brought this little
number home...

My amazing band:
Brian, Pat, Paul, Me, Ryan, Dustin, Dylan, Scott, and Ryan.

Thursday I leave on tour. I will be bringing this group of new songs to Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado, Illinois, California, Oregon, and Washington the next few months. I will head out East next spring. If you would like to host a house concert and you live on the Eastern US, send me an email

Also, I would love you to purchase this new album if you haven't already.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I grew up in Santa Barbara CA
It was a lovely place to spend
a childhood.
I had great teachers, including
wonderful music teachers who always
encouraged me.
I wrote my first 'real' song in
5th grade. It involved a chorus and
a handful of verses and included the
deep and touching lyrics "we sit out
on the front porch and sing the day away"
a hit right? Well, my guitar/voice teacher
wanted to put this song on her upcoming
album, and I remember feeling "man,
this is it , I am about to become hugely
So although I was almost a hit writer in
5th grade, I feel like I am hopefully getting
closer to the mark with this new album "Someday, Someday."
Actually, there is a delusional aspect to being
a musician. Where are the landmarks to judge a career?
I am embarrassed to admit that there have been
several moments in my life of making music
where I think I am about to be whisked off to
tour buses, making mucho money, signing autographs
till my hand is tired etc.
The further I have gone in my career, the more
I realize that I am the one responsible for
my success. There is not time to wait for
someone else to determine if I can or should
make music.
Although I am not waiting for people to make
a career for me, I fully acknowledge that I
need help, community, encouragement, and
the belief that good things are coming. I take
an immense amount of comfort knowing there are
many musicians traveling the same road that I am,
and that I can call some of them my dearest friends.

On the eve of an album release, I have been
feeling waves of anxiety and fear. There is
a restlessness, itch in my gut like I am waiting to
hear the gun go off, so I can start running.
I have to remind myself that this isn't a race.
And honestly I don't want to know if there is a finish
Yet, I know that releasing a new album of songs
into the world won't happen every day, or even
every year. It is a big event in my life
because I have created something of worth that
I am sharing with anyone who wants to listen.

So it comes down to trust. Trusting myself. Trusting
that I have been thoughtful in my preparation of the
songs, in the production, in the artwork, in the hired
hands to help me reach out. Trusting God. Trusting my
fans that they still want to hear more
from me. Trusting that good music does rise through
the sea of mediocre. When it comes down to it, I know
that songs have changed my life. I know that I
trust this group of songs.
I have treated the inspiration they
came to me with care. I know there is an endless
wave of new music coming at you. I guess I am asking
like everyone to be heard.
To be witnessed, starting Tomorrow.

To order the new album on tuesday, click here.
To see if I am touring through your city, click here.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Doughnuts and a Movie

Hey friends.

I had a chocolate doughnut and a coke for a snack this morning and feel much better about the day. I'm not sure if I should admit this, but my mom used to take me for a doughnut every morning on the way to santa barbara jr high. Then in Health class we would talk about how you should NOT eat doughnuts for breakfast. And yet, I still love it. Thanks mom, for believing in me and teaching me the value of a good doughnut.

And as that relates in no way to music... back to business.

I spent an amazing week at the Rocky Mountain Folks fest and then last week went to Nashville for the Americana Music Conference. Americana is my kind of genre, no one really knows how to pin it down, but I will tell you that so many of the folks I LOVE are in it: Patty Griffin, Darrell Scott, Buddy Miller, Avett Brothers (pronounced like 'shave-it'-thanks mary gauthier for clearing that up, i'm still hoping someone can teach me to pronounce Bon Iver). Oh and did I mention that Robert Plant and his Band of Joy closed out the Awards show at the famous Ryman Theater. Yeah, I was in love all week. Nashville is cool town, I would move there in a heartbeat if I could, it really feels like you can reach out and touch the dream there. Stayed with my friend Katie Herzig and if you don't know her music, you should jump on itunes right now. She is touring with Brandi Carlile as we speak, so check if she is coming to a city near you :)

Another great project I am involved with is a group called The Lower Lights, it is part hymn, part revival and all awesome. The album just came out, download it, buy it, listen to it HERE.

I am still piecing together the tour...just added shows in Chicago (Uncommon Ground (10/28), San Diego (Lestats 12/2)...
and I am Seeking House Concerts here:
Bay Area in CA (Dec 1, 8, or 9)
Portland, OR or Vancouver Canada (Jan 17, 18, 19)

And now for the gift of the day...
Jed Wells has created a wonderful short film about the Making of "Someday, Someday" and it also includes what my life looks like, house concerts, and being a mom and a musician. It will be avail for purchase on Oct.12. BUT for now, here is a sneak peak into the makings of this new album. Enjoy.

love and doughnuts.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

the long climb

(path to my campsite, pretty dreamy eh?)

I left 3 days ago to go backpacking with my husband up into the White Cloud Mountain Range (close to the Sawtooths). The hike in was steep most of the way, but like most climbs the view was amazing. when you reach the pass and can look back
and see where you
have slowly struggled up and then you can look onto the next valley and see where you are going. it all seems so clear and so worth it. a perspective that seems rare in my life. being in a quiet beautiful place gave me a few days to let my heart soak in thoughts of what my path has been in life and frankly i don't know what vistas lay ahead, but i have a feeling they are expansive and beautiful and worth years of climbing. here is a little gift for the day.

jed wells,
the talented man filming this musical journey sent me this video a few days ago. I want to share it with you all. during the week of recording someday, someday we stopped by diego's and after filling our bellies we sat in the parking lot and sang this song together. a huge bucket of thanks to CJane for sharing our music with your readers...we love you esp in heels. xo

ps. here is the new website. well, a place holder website. and if you live in utah, i recommend buying your cd release concert tickets early as i think they will sell out. you can do so on the new website :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Someday Someday Album Cover & FREE download

da da da da!!!

drum roll. yeah, that's good, keep going. hit a cymbal. perfect.

Here it is:The official Sarah Sample "Someday, Someday" album.
Thank you Ryan for putting this together.

And a little gift to you for coming over...
A FREE DOWNLOAD. yes FREE. of the song "Every Time I Go"
I hope you enjoy it. Leave a comment if you do.
Click Here to get your FREE song!

also, if hearing this leans your heart into buying the album...
Click Here and preorder!

Official CD release concert- mark your calendar.
Thursday October 14th
Pioneer Hall (old rock hall)
1137 W 7800 S West Jordan, UT 84088
Full Band

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Photo Shoot for New Album!

The album cover is a tricky topic. It can really make or break an album for me.
Here are a few examples of how this process can go horribly wrong:

In order to not be Sarah Goodbody and expose you to cajun music, I called on the oh-so-talented photographer/designer Ryan Tanner to take my photos for this album. You can check out his other work here.

I can't spoil the surprise of my Album Cover just yet...but here are a few pictures from our photo shoot. (We all know this post is for my mom but I hope you enjoy it too )


Sunday, July 18, 2010

what i'm doing tonight

this is my view tonight
as I listen through the new songs.

I'm listening closely tonight.
not just for missed notes before
we mix the album...

I am listening closely to my heart.
it is beating along with every song
whispering that 'we did it.'
this is going to be such a great album.
I know that it goes over better if someone
else raves on the album.

but tonight my heart will tell you that
we did good.
really, it is so beautiful. I can't wait
to share it with you.
there is something that happens inside
you when you are fulfilling a dream.
seems your chest and mind open up
and everything in the world feels