Thursday, October 20, 2011

Big. Big. Getting bigger news!

My big news is growing into larger news by the day.
Yep, I'm gonna have a baby, and we are delighted!
I am due the first week of April, and I think I am finally
breaking through the "feel like I am going to vomit 20x a day" phase.
If you have seen me at a show and wondered 'why the weight gain?'
or 'why is rubberband is holding her jeans together?' now you know.

I will find out boy or girl in the next few weeks, and I feel
excited at the prospect of either. I think it's a girl, but that
probably is based on June's psychic powers.
Yes, you read that right. June is actually the one
who told me I was pregnant before even I knew.
She walked up to me one day, put her hand on
my stomach and said...
J- Mom, you have a baby in your tummy.
Me- Sweetie, there isn't a baby in my tummy.
J- No, there is. (said totally matter of fact, and then she trotted off)

I brushed off this encounter until the same conversation happened
the next day with this variation:
J- Mom, you have a baby in your tummy.
Me- Oh really, is it a baby boy or girl?
J- It's a girl.
Then 20 minutes later one of my dearest friends, Sarah Powers, called me.
She told me that she had the strongest feeling that
I was pregnant. Sarah and I grew up together in Santa Barbara,
and when I found out I was pregnant with June, she found out she
was pregnant with her daughter Allegra. Our girls were born a
week apart and I feel like she has been essential in my journey
through parenthood. So when your best friend since you were 10 years
old/parenting mentor backs up what your three year old
has been telling you for two is time to get a pregnancy
test. Or two.

On that note, I've canceled all my tours from January on that required
traveling far. I am looking to fill some of those dates with house concerts or
holiday house concerts in the states of Utah/Idaho. If you are interested in
having me come sing to you and yours just email me at
and I will guide you through each step.

So, thanks for your support on this journey of being a mom and a musician
and making it work.

sarah + 1