Tuesday, May 17, 2011

finding a bit of joy

I had a moment of clarity on Sunday.
The thought came to me that I needed to
Surrender something over
to let something else in.

I am choosing to surrender worry right now.
I am choosing to let a quiet joy enter my heart.

I realized quiet clearly that I spend
a generous amount of time thinking about me
and what I want and what I don't have.
Not that I think I shouldn't be clear on what
I want. But I think that worrying about what I
want is a waste of space and time. Especially
when so much of the life I want is in front of me daily.

Frankly, there are so many other people and events
that deserve a spot of 'generous thinking' in my mind and heart.

Now it is only tuesday...BUT I have eaten good food.
I have been playing the piano and writing a new song.
We had some of our favorite friends over for Sunday dinner.
I have gone on a hike with my daughter and
bowling with my husband.
I have my family.

(family photo attempt while in Kerrville TX)

I have enough and I am enough.
I am happy.


what are a few ways that you practice feeling gratitude and letting go?