Saturday, April 14, 2012

Welcome Baby Maeve!

Dear Friends,

Thank you for dropping by, I have a very special someone I would like you to meet. Maeve, this is everyone. Everyone, this is Maeve.

Maeve Eleanor McDonald was born on Easter Sunday. Her name Maeve rhymes with 'brave,' and brave she was on her birthday. Maeve is an old Irish name, a reference to a legendary ancient Irish queen, and means "she who intoxicates." She is living up to her name because I feel like I am with royalty when she rests in my arms, and truly like Joni Mitchell sings

"Oh you're in my blood like holy wine..
Oh I could drink a case of you darling
Still I'd be on my feet
oh I would still be on my feet"

I also would like to raise my glass to the doctors, nurses, & midwives of the world. To the technology and medications we have available that are intended to help and relieve.
Below is a photo of Henry Ghent, he is my great great great grandfather and was a civil war surgeon and continued to practice medicine all his adult life. Can you imagine being a surgeon during the civil war? I cannot, and I cannot imagine the conditions of infection and pain that people had to endure. I do know that it would take courage to be a doctor or patient during this time.

I most likely would have lost both my children during childbirth if I had lived during his lifetime. My first daughter was born via emergency c-section after 23 hours of labor and complications. And little Maeve had her cord wrapped several times around her body and neck and as labor progressed her heart rate dropped suddenly and could not be restored. The technology of a heart monitor told us this and allowed the Doctor enough information to know that she needed to be delivered immediately. Not only did his team of assistants rush in within seconds, but a staff of pediatricians were waiting for Maeve to help her if needed. I have to say that as a mother, those 5 minutes were some of worst I have experienced, when it is clear that something is wrong and it is unclear what the outcome will be for your unborn child. But out she came and although a slow rocky start, her eventual small cry was the most glorious sound I've ever heard!

Recovering from this delivery has had several complications that I did not expect, and yet I have felt again and again how grateful I am to live in this day. To have doctors that know how to treat every problem that I have encountered. To live in a generation where we can have antibiotics and medications at the convenience of a pharmacy down the block. I have felt very taken care of, not just by those in medical field, but by my family and friends. Even those I don't know well have cared enough to reach out with their 'congratulations.' So thank you thank you thank you. A new baby is a miracle. I am overwhelmed with love every time I look at this little one. She is quite amazing. Someone commented that I have found my new muse.... quite true. I am interested to see what songs she brings with her....