Wednesday, January 8, 2014

3. 2. 1. ACTION!

Hello Friends!

I am sitting in my luxury chair at June Audio,  looking at our Producer Scott Wiley do his magic at the console. Edie Carey and I are in the studio for the next two weeks making our new lullaby record. I feel a rooted happiness that is relieving and elevating to my heart. I've never made a record like this before: a duet album, a new genre, a collection of covers and a few originals, and the time and space to create over time. My last two records have been made live with a large group of gorgeous friends who spread their talent into every second of 15 hour recording days. It is a whirlwind of emotion and song and friendship, and we emerge on the other side of a few days with a record. I have been so happy how those albums have sounded.

This album is subtle and filled with space and thought. The pacing is completely different and I am loving it. Recording over two weeks is a gift at this time in my life. We call our friends one by one to come into the studio to help with an idea or play a track. We get to dine at all the hip yummy Provo joints. Working with Scott has been easy and fun. His experience producing lends him a bazillion ideas for each song,  over and over in the last two days I have been so happy that he is at the helm. Edie Carey is one of the most easy humans to spend time with. She is hilarious and we laugh through the whole day, not to mention her voice on the big speakers is slaying me.

My mom is a saint in this mix. She is watching all three children;  navigating two toddlers sleep schedules and cutting up food into small tiny pieces. I bring her an icy Pace's Dairy Ann fountain Coke every morning when I drop Maeve off and she steps into super Grandma mode. The pattern of my mother helping me realize my dream in music has been woven continuously through my life. Thank you mom.

So, we are on day two. The songs so far sound beautiful. I hope they lull you away into a dreamy settled place.

I'll keep you posted.

xo on reverb.

Sarah (and Edie)
 Paul Jacobsen
 Edie, Dustin Christensen, and me!
 sarah & edie
 Edie trying out mics
Scott Wiley

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  1. oh how happy this makes to know that two beautiful souls and talented friends are realizing their dreams into a gorgeous piece of art. i am cheering you on all the way! and i love that your mom is helping to make this possible...weaves perfectly into the theme of lullaby songs... love from us here in OR!