Saturday, January 11, 2014

Studio Tour Ramblings

Hello Sweet Friends,

As Edie would say "We are cuttin' some sweet tracks!" And it is true, these songs are sounding so great. I know I probably should be more skeptical of myself, but, truly I love how these songs are shaping up.

Two things have really stood out to me this week. First- it is so enjoyable to sing cover songs. Our voices are encountering new melodies that we wouldn't have written, and we sing them differently. It showcases a new side of our voices, which makes for an interesting listen. Second-  I am loving that every song is a duet. Some of you know that I am part of The Lower Lights, and one aspect that shines for me in that group is how many voices join together on most songs. Making an album having my voice woven with Edie's is pretty lovely. Our voices are very different and yet I have been happily surprised how good they sound together.  I did fear "what if Edie and I get into the studio and we don't sound good together?" Yes, that would have been epic fail.  I knew that I loved singing with her, but I am so happy that it works on another level as well. Yay, go team.

Today we got to have lunch with one of my favorite people, Courtney Kendrick. She is kind and always thoughtful in her questions and conversations. She has an ease about her that makes you feel relaxed. She has a glow about her and I feel better after being with her. You are lucky Provo that you get her all the time.

I am also loving the two hours in the car every day. Edie could be the best conversationalist in the world. We never, and I mean NEVER run out of stuff to say. Half of it is making me pee with laughter. The rest of it is contemplating topics running the gamut of marriage, music careers, when your child starts vomiting, which NPR hosts we love, favorite TV dramas, and who will come to our funerals.

Love to you all this weekend. Next week we have a special guest, the beautiful Mai Bloomfield is flying in from LA to play on the record and sing with a us. We will let you in on it.

sarah (and edie and scott)

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  1. I found you through Mindy Gledhill. We love her music too and were even lucky enough to print her letterpressed business cards. I just bought your CD and am enjoying the free downloads until it gets here in the mail. I'm so glad you were able to raise the funds you needed to put this album out. The harmonies and music are beautiful. I just wanted to thank you for following your passion and for sharing it with the rest of us.